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Josh Broussard welding
Josh Broussard


My name is Josh Broussard and welcome to Tack Stables, Shelters & Kennels.

My passion for fabrication started at an early age and my love for animals and their wellbeing was something I was born with. Without having the stomach for being a vet I decided to follow my passion for making shelters for our four legged family members so they could have somewhere safe and cosy to rest while out in the elements. 

I began my path on this journey when I moved to the beautiful little town of Euroa, turning a new leaf and doing what I love. Gathering the skills required to build these enclosures and shelters at another business for many years, I decided to take my own unique designs and follow my own path continuing to adapt and improve with every custom design I manufacture.

Let’s Work Together

45 Branjee Road, Euroa, VIC 3666

Phone: 0400 733 413

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