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We do more than just stables, shelters and kennels.

Do you need some yards for your cattle, custom made gates, isolation pens for sick stock, adjustments to your crush or maybe some feed troughs?

We can do it all!

Give Josh a call or send us an email to find out how we can work with you to make your farm more functional. 

Yards & Gates

We have a completely self contained on site work setup for even the most remote of farms.


We can supply you with custom yards and fencing, no matter where you are.

We also fabricate pre-made yard panels in our worksop for easy installation.

Feed Troughs

Our feed troughs have a galvanised steel frame, with 2ply rubber lining that is secured with large flange rivets.


Our standard size is 2.8 metres long and half a metre high to suit cattle and horses, however can be custom made to suit your four legged friends. 


These are tough enough to survive the outdoors and those who eat from it. 


Suitable for horses, cattle, sheep, camels, etc. 

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