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Size Range: 3.6m - 6m


Door: Left, Right or Centre


Top Half: 20mm round bar


Bottom Lining: 17mm Form Ply


All fronts are installed with our unique Tack Black Sleek Door Rollers.


Lock: Concealed bar handle lock

Galvanised Stable Front

  • Made from galvanised Australian steel, these fronts are customisable from our base sizes to suit your stable area. 

    Coming standard with our 17mm thick form ply base and 20mm round bar, our stable fronts are robust enough for the strongest of boots for years to come.

    Our sleek door guide design gives the look of class and rolls silently to avoid scares.

    Compatible with our bolt on rug racks, it is the perfect edition to your setup.


    Need a custom size stable front instead, contact us for a free quote. 

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