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Rubber Products

We have a vast range of rubber products available for purchase, with installation options for them all.

Bubble top stall mats

Our bubble top stall mats provide comfort for your horses in not only the stalls but around your farm. With their ability to be bonded together you can create the perfect area of comfort for your horses.


Wall lining rubber

With reduced weight and flexibility, this product is the perfect addition to any equine area. It is perfect for wet areas, outdoors and heavy traffic areas.

Examples of the areas it can be used are - Wash Bays, Horse Floats, Stables & Paddock Shelters


Float Flooring Rubber

Our hammer top rubber matting is the perfect addition to any horse float. It is also great for area that are wet. Being a thinner product than our stall mats ithas a reduced weight which is great for floats and trailers. It's hammer top allows for excellent grip making it fantastic to use in washbays.



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